Dolphin Olympics 2 Game

Dolphin Olympics 2 - A second splash of delicious entertainment juice with our loveable stunt dolphin

Sanity’s Saviour

How would you react if you were taking a boat trip across one of the world’s major oceans and a dolphin suddenly popped its way out of the water and reached an altitude further than you can see whilst all the while performing elaborate stunts. You’d be even more concerned about your sanity and general mental state if the names of the stunts and the points awarded for them were appearing in white letters below the dolphin as you performed then. Thankfully for our collective sanity, the only place we are likely to witness such an event is in Dolphin Olympics 2, a wonderfully simple yet elegantly addictive aquatic stunt game that lets you reach the ridiculous heights of the sky and beyond with your oddly talented dolphin. It’s casual yet ridiculous entertainment courtesy of Rawkins Games, and you’ll enjoy every second of it. 

Make a Dolphin Roll (I’m Hungry)

Not a whole lot has changed in terms of the basics of the gameplay since its predecessor, with the fundamental aim being to take control of the dolphin and perform a series of stunts as you swim through the water, breaking the surface with stunts of increasingly high altitude. You simply have to use the directional controls to manage your dolphin’s movements: the up arrow allows you to accelerate in the water, whilst left and right moves your dolphin up and down whilst submerged. Once you leave the water, the left and right arrows control your orientation in the air in order to perform front and back flips. The downwards arrow makes your dolphin roll (the movement, not a dolphin sandwich) which allows you to link your stunts together to form chains. You have precisely two minutes in which to squeeze in as many tricks as you can, and I’ll just say that squeezed into these few minutes is some of the most moreish yet simple gameplay you’re ever likely to experience.

Gravity Takes a Holiday

Further to the actual gameplay, Dolphin Olympics 2’s greatness comes in the form of the smaller details that pertain to the stunts. Performing multiple stunts in quick succession or by linking them together gets you multiplier bonuses and also makes your dolphin speed up and gain more height in his next jump. Keeping the multiplier going can be done by rolling in the water or even performing a tail spin; don’t forget to land nose-first in order to gain a perfect entry bonus and ensure your trick chain isn’t broken. There are other methods of gaining points such as accumulating a posse of fish that follow you out of the water in your stunts, swimming through rings to boost your speed temporarily, and if you get enough tricks in a row you can even make it to the heights of space where you can tail-slide on a star and apparently survive in an environment with no atmosphere.

Judge’s Decision

So, is Dolphin Olympics 2 the greatest game ever? Well, no, because it’s unlikely that any game can be that genre-smashing that it will make the top of everyone’s lists, but I’ll give it to the game that it is frightfully addictive and as well made as a game of its genre can possibly be. The different combinations of all of the stunts and the lure of being the first aquatic Olympian mammal to perform a barrel roll or star-slide in space is simply too strong to just have a few goes, with accidentally losing an hour or so to the stunt-performing action not being such an uncommon occurrence with the game. There is room for a whole load of different features as well, so a Dolphin Olympics 3 could very well better even this little gem. Now go make me that dolphin role. That wasn’t a play on words, either: I’m actually very hungry.